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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Losing weight

"We want a cook's parade, we want a cook's parade"

I was shopping in our local Sprout's whole food store yesterday, and two employees were having a conversation. The girl was complaining that her husband was on another diet and he was making weird food choices, the other guy sympathized with her and said, Why can't he just eat regular food, everything in moderation is my motto.

I looked at him and his stomach was extended at least ten inches outside his belted waistline.....moderation??? There is a tendency when you are losing weight to become very judgmental of pudgy folks. Which is odd and inconsistent considering that for me, losing weight is an almost miraculous thing, as my recent stuckness in spite of continued aggressive exercise.

The facts are stark, the amount of body movement it takes to undo the effects of a snickers bar is phenomenal. So if you are going to get healthy it takes a long term combination of dietary change and increased exercise. The trick for me, is finding a way to eat that minimizes hunger while increasing metabolic activity.

Tim Ferris slow carb diet is working so far as I am in Day 9. Last night I made feaux mashed potatoes with steamed cauliflower and white beans, and I liked it. So it is high protein, and lots of veggies, zero fruit and fruit juice, and lots of beans to keep you full. Beans are both protein and carb, but the carbs are low glycemic, so they are good to blood sugar, add a day off for cravings, and that is it.

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