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Monday, January 10, 2011

Rooting for the Tigers

My friend Pastor Joe on the balcony of the Cafeteria at Belhaven College in the days when I was whistling dixie.

How can I do anything else. I used to live in Alabama. When I left the gym today there was a banner flying overhead with an Auburn sign. I have never been an avid fan, but I do show up for the championships in my fandom.

This Cam Newton appears to be the real thing in size and talent and likability. I look forward to watching him develop in the pros.

SEC football was a way of life when I lived in dixie. My church attendance would flucuate with the home and away games. Serious social events they were. I as a lowly Bible College student just did not get to excited over those things...except my senior year, when someone gave me tickets to see the Ole Miss Rebels play two games, and I watched Archie Manning play. Which is why I am a fan of the Colts, and the Giants.

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