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Monday, May 18, 2009


I began to follow Jill Hollis through her blog "Altered" several months ago. She wants to share her journey while she trusts God through Lou Gehrig's Disease. It is hard to think about her struggles with fear and trust, and encouraging to see her surrounded by caring people. She has a family she wants to grow old with and will not be allowed to. Stories of shortened lives are always with us. My friend Connie has been sharing how tragic cancer is, having been moved by Farrah Fawcett's recent documentary.

Memorial Day is our chance to pay respect to those who died in war. Who one moment were alive and in an instant the pain of a bullet or a bomb, and....darkness.

Everyone who serves knows it could happen, but I am sure most believe they would come home. Recompense is the idea that God remembers victims, sufferers, those who died in the holocaust, those whose lives were lived in desperate circumstances like the Israelite during the 400 years of bondage who did not live to be delivered.

Rom. 11 has a doxology that states that God owes no one recompense, no one earned it and could demand it, but the import of the doxology is that God does hear our cries and knows our suffering. I cherish a theory that God has ways of recompensing those who lost more than others. Don't jump on me for this, its not a well developed idea but I can see how God's character and creativity could pull it off, in a heartbeat.

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