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Sunday, May 17, 2009

A mind renewed daily

A sign photographed in Europe somewhere. Must be an old folks crossing. Kind of cute and kind of sad and certainly true. I stand at the threshold of old age, I will be 59 thus summer. In my mind I can dredge up literally thousands of teen age thoughts, but not one teenage physicality. Like Paul said, outwardly we are wasting away, no matter that we eat right and excercise, aging and dying are written into the contract.

The Gospel directs us to a transformation process which is crucial, and is evidence that we are not just "dust in the wind". It is the renewal of the mind, which is to be practiced daily, independent of any circumstance. I think of how many people who had encountered the urgent message of Paul in Romans 12:1-2. Paul calls it our reasonable service to God. This metamorphosis apparently cannot take place in someone running from God, or resisting God, or hating God, but in the heart of one who is submitted to God. It is the work of God's spirit in the one who slows down enough to let God do His work amid whatever is happening today, good or bad, up or down. It must be trans cultural, trans political, trans generational. It must work in riches or poverty, war or peace, sickness or health.

While inward, it will have outward manifestations, and it will be in line with the love God has for mankind in Christ. I have been walking in Christ for a good while now, not a superstar but a plodder, and by golly, I am so young at heart I can hardly stand the joy that wells up most days, and I am not whistling dixie. Thy youth shall be renewed like the eagle.

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