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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

An angry divided, rude and vulgar society?

The ORielly Factor discussed the level of attacking, disparaging, and belittling public discourse that has occurred with the changing of leadership from Republican to Democrat. One guest called it a poison that will destroy our culture, and the point was being made that both liberal and conservative sides were engaging in this vicious, hate filled rhetoric. I agree and I am really disturbed.

In recent years my walk with Christ has finally come to the point of getting at the core of Christ's work of reconciliation. He really wants us to see everyone through His eyes and to see what sin has done to all humanity, not just the other guy. There are real political issues to be wrangled with, but the condemnatory and violent language is destroying something that was great about our country. I believe Christians need to set a better example of servant love, prayer for unity, and left handed love, weak but powerful, to bring the level of this civil war of words to a calmer place.

I feel like singing a couple of choruses of that 60's Folk Song...."When will we ever learn, when will we ever learn." Today's pictures say it all. Nice matters.

On a lighter note, I do not watch much TV, and have an oath never to watch reality TV until the silly fad dies and they bring back Bonanza, Carol Burnett, or something with actors and plots, But I have really gotten involved in the drama and mystery of Lost. Now that was a year ending finale with a lot to think about.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Don, I read ALL your blogs. They made me think! I agree with you on so many things and I found out some new things...I didn't realize Melissa had MS. Our youngest Jen also was just diagnosed a few months back with MS. I have been impressed with her attitude and courage, as I am sure you are with Melissa. I will try not to be angry and rude this week as we travel with crowds of people! Thanks for the thoughts! This is the first blog I have ever visited! Sherrian