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Monday, May 4, 2009

Blogging reflections

This is my 250th post. My readership is small, but sending my thoughts and pictures into cyber space has been fun. The few blogs I follow have been enriching...if only to be reminded how similar we all are as we journey through life in the west.

Dixie and Marc are going back to school to prepare for pastoral ministry. She reflected on the truth that moving is loss and change and that it is upsetting.
Dixie blogs at Vandermeander and Marc at The Eagle & Child Pilcrow Magnate. Sorry I cannot seem to figure out the blog insert thingy.

Here was my comment on her reflection:

When I was 33, we moved to our 2nd Church ministry. We began to get to know a large family in the church. The matriarch began to love and enjoy us, and one day said to me. “I don’t want to love you and Laura because we will get close and you will leave someday and its all too painful” But she did, and we did, and it was. In their case they sold their restaurant and moved up to the country home and left us, before we moved on a few years later.

We now have a totally different group of people that are our circle of friends, and this is three circles of friends later in our ministry. I now am beginning to see why the reunion in heaven will be so wonderful, because time and space will not allow us to keep those friendships tended. I can tell you this, if your family goes with you, it will be home, and if you remain the lover you are, there will be circles of friends ahead, for sure.

The picture today is of some of our current circle of friends, and we are now saying goodbye as many of them live part of the year here and part elsewhere. Such is life.

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Dixie said...

Thanks, Don. Your thoughts and perspective are always encouraging to me. Makes me feel like Marc and I will make it. :)