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Saturday, May 9, 2009

The God of peace shall be with you

The Bible that has been translated and preserved for us, which has forged itself into our collective conscious and continues to serve as the constitutional document of the Christian faith must become a message to be lived and believed.

If we turn it into a weapon for cultural warfare, ie. God loves me and my lifestyle and He hates you and your lifestyle....or...we are freedom loving Americans must destroy God's enemies as Israel destroyed the wicked nations of the world. You end up with something thing that may fuel politics or forge national policies....but you will not be followers of the Christos who came to make all things new...who laid down His life for his enemies....who reconciled the world to Himself and told us to be ambassadors of this message.

It is the character of God in the New Covenant that is our arriving point for a new direction for humanity. May God make you and I instruments of that peace.

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