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Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday Report

What my day off looked like today?

6 am an hour of spiritual conversation in my study with Jim.

9 am visited friends to comfort a woman whose husband died last night. He had fallen out of bed, and ruptured a vein in his brain which swelled and put him into a coma. She regrets not saying goodbye.

11 am 1 hour walk in the mall. Listened to Enya on the Ipod.

12:30 healthy lunch followed by unhealthy but delicious McDonald's Ice Cream Cone

2-4 PGA Golf on TV-I continue to believe that watching pro golf will make me a better golfer, really, I do.

6 Dinner with 4 friends at the Pizza Place

8 Watched Slumdog Millionare-not what I was expecting. Incredible tale of overcoming an unimaginable bad childhood, a story of brothers who went different ways, and of love that overcame enormous odds. India yesterday and today is so different than anything I have experienced.

10:30 Good bye Jay Leno after 17 years, time flies, one day at a time.and this day was filled with so many experiences of living and laughing and loving. A good day.

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Melissa said...

McDonald's ice cream is not too bad for you...it's frozen yogurt, 3 WW points per cone. : ) Sounds like a good day. : )