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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Original Blessing

Laura had an evening class so I took the opportunity to give myself a mini-retreat and practice photography....at the foot of the Superstition mountian range. For over two hours I sat in silence or walked around looking for beauty, trying to capture a shot that does justice to this amazing formation of God's good creation, and pondering how Augustinian Theology created a dualism that made it hard for me to affirm my unity with those mountians.........Say what???? Why don't you just think about the economy and jobs??

Because its all related. While I sat under a shaded picnic table provided by the United States Park service, (Government) I had four species of birds (God's creation) come visit me and allow me to photgraph (Mans invention and technology)them, while they hoped I would throw them some bread or a Chito, (Private Enterprise), while I (God's crowning act of creation) was reasoning and thinking and breathing in the beauty of this ecosystem that God is sustaining and preserving and yes, in the process of restoring.
Its all too wonderful, but not as wonderful as "THE WORD" (God, Christ, Spirit, Creator) Click on these pics to get the full effect(neat computer abilities, the key and link to a transformed future revolution of knowledge)

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