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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Creation Blessing

I have been reading Creation Blessing, by Matthew Fox. The book got him kicked out of the Catholic Church. He is reflecting of Augustinian Theology and its influence on both Catholicism and Protestantism. Some much of our image of God has been tempered by the imprint his writing made on our theology and thinking. It is hard to imagine how an early Church writer can set the parameters for so many centuries, but I am seeing his imprint on our reading of scripture and beginning to think differently about how this all balances out. The flesh/spirit dichotomy is scriptural, but it can be extended to a type of Platonic dualism that changes Paul's meaning. I am just still a kid in the candy shop learning about this, and I am reading Fox with care and discernment, but the quotes he has collected alone have been inspiring, and the weaknesses in our theology that he exposes have been so observable to me that I know he is onto something. If any reader has other books that touch on these issues let me know. Heres my email d.hendricks@att.net

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