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Thursday, May 14, 2009

I am active in promoting womens rights!

Laura and I are a two income family. We are in the last decade before retirement and really are trying to prepare for it. She is using her college degree and earned Masters to bless first graders with the tools and skills to become life long learners and readers. She works hard and deals with many people and frustrations daily. When she arrives home at 5 she has several hours more of grading and prepping and does not want to strap on the apron and become my little homemaker.

I told the women on Mother's Day they should retire from cooking like their husbands retired from work on Sunday. The men know I am a trouble maker. But seriously, should not men learn enough about shopping and food preparation to relieve their spouse on occasion. I am the chief griller in our home, and I do a great steak and chicken and hamburger and turkey burger or fish. I love and make a fairly good chili and spaghetti. What's the big deal. Women's gots rights. I learned that from Lt Robinson Crusoe in the 70s, in a charming Walt Disney Movie with Dick Van Dyke.

Theologically I see the point of complimentarianism, and its abuse in our culture. Spiritually there is not a Pastor living that does not know that women have spiritual depth, teaching ability, and leadership skills given by God Almighty. We just don't want to rock the boat. I do not desire the absence of male leadership which characterizes many churches today, but the old argument from some of Paul's passages have been more than balanced by reexamination of Paul's recognition of their gifts. Come on guys, get over it, learn to cook and clean, you will still be a leader, and probably more like the leader Christ envisioned. Not Whistling Dixie on this one. I love my wife.

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Awwww... This was sweet. :)