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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Ninogenerians???? Men?????

I spent some time with two men this week whose combined age would be 186. How few men outlive their wives and reach the 90s in good health. I asked if they had any secrets to their longetivity. Both answered in a surprisingly similar manner. I loved my work. I was physically active in my work and family life. I had a great wife. I had a couple of close calls healthwise but the right people and the right timeing kept me alive.

To me, as I listened, it seems that God has chosen the right career and the right lifestyle and the right set of genes for these men who are rerighting the rules for length of life. O, I forgot the last one, they both have a sense of humor that shows in their stories and their smiles. They both thank God for their long life and both are not raring to go on the the next yet.

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