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Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Irreverent use of the Hell Word

As this is a family blog, it occurred to me that I was so angry in yesterday's rant that someone might take offense at my play on ideas of time share contracts and the Hell word.

It is true, my time share trades did not get me two bedrooms, but we did stay in the French Quarter when Brian was a High School grad, and we enjoyed an older hotel in our favorite beach town in California.

If you really want to see me rant. It is the hurtful misinderstanding of the actual translation of the word Hell in scripture, and the ugly misrepresentation of God's contractual obligations to torment people eternally that really get my blood boiling, to use a really poor adjective.

When I hear some well meaning Christian say "after all Jesus spoke more about Hell than He did about Heaven". I want to scream. First, it is not true; second the King James translators did the last five hundred years of believers a great injustice for translating four different greek words as Hell.

With great excitement and thanksgiving I am grateful to the God who created Hawaii that we are recovering in my time a gospel that is as good as the gospel that Jesus truly preached, when He judged the Old Covenant and brought us by His blood and life into a New one. I beg the believing reader to embark on a reconsideration of our traditional views of what we think is the only "final solution" for man's rebellion. And I'm Not Just Whistling Dixie on this one.

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