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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Getting the Knack with Verizon

My Cell phone went through the wash with my pants. Despite my enjoyment of the possibilities of an Iphone I went with the Samsung Knack as a replacement. No camera, a basic model with more size to fit my fingers, and very little else. I feel I have been cutting edge most of my adult life. I was always able to help people with computer issues, love electronic gadgets, and have enjoyed the internet and blogging, but....I am pretty sure I am not ever going to twitter, have very little need for text messaging, and I am more eager to save money by bundling something somehow than by dropping or adding anything drastic to my world of connections. I do not presently have a DVR and would like one. So my stable is presently, Verizon Wireless Cell Phones for both of us, AT&T land line and High Speed Wireless with a modem that allows us both to browse at the same time. Dish Network with no movie or special channels, only one TV in the house.

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