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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Blest be the Tie that Binds

Place of service #2 for me was 1983-1989 in Moss Point Ms. We had a young family and a smallish Southern Presbyterian Church full of unique and beautiful people. Tonight I had a two hour conversation with two of our friends, husband and wife, whom we knew before they married, and with whom we have kept in touch.

The renewal of Christian fellowship separated by time and moves and changing circumstances proves to me how relationships can last from one age to another. We have different lives, jobs, circles of friends, but those original connections somehow stay connected, if the ever living Christ was the instigator of said friendship. Even though our friendship is 25 years old, we are still searching for more complete and mature ways to express our faith and hopes, still desiring truth uncluttered with traditions and dogmas that do not satisfy deeply.

Still flawed, still hopeful, still young at heart, still wanting to help people know God and enjoy him. Still very aware how limited and broken we are and those around us are. A lot further down the road, not so easily enamored by shortcuts or gimmicks, we want to spend our time and life in ways that last. Thank you Steve and Michale for your authenticity, for hungering and thirsting for truth, for being relaxed enough to keep on doing what you think is right, while you test out different ideas, know that the truth will set you free.

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