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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Truth? "You can't handle the truth"!!!

It's a famous line from a military trial scene between young lawyer and grizzled general. In our reviewing of the Genesis 1-3 issues I found myself becoming very emotional and combative, and realized it was not the sweet folks I was teaching but the religious spirit of fear and mind control that I have opposed all my life.

Starting a young earth book with the Col. 2:8 quote about making sure you are not deceived by man made philosophy unfortunately does not make me think I am about to read science, but propaganda. True science cannot undermine faith, the issue is being open to what true observation might teach us about creation. Creation science worries that if we give them more than 6000 years to work with those atheistic, godless scientists will destory our precious faith. There are probably scientists that have fashioned false dogma from incomplete theories,and atheists that have run on those ideas, but that is equally in need of our own study and questioning.

I love lava, reminds me of fudge setting up as it cools, he said non-scientifically.

I am afraid that religious spirit that covers its eyes, plugs its ears and attempts to shut the mouths of scientific observation and even developing theories to be tested, may be the thing that destroys the faith of many people at this point in our development and understanding and knowledge of God's universe.

I believe Jesus died, and rose again, and was the second Adam. It was miraculous and beyond scientific inquiry to be received by faith.

The audience that received those revelations from Moses about origins and God's desire to live in their midst were probably not ready to handle all the truths of how God created the heavens and the earth, and its a false Biblicism that demands those texts to tell us everything we ever need to know about creation.

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I told you not to do it.