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Monday, October 7, 2013

Its a Big Island Day 7

Yesterday we headed south and began the day with a delightful tour of one of the major Kona Coffee growers and exporters. Greenwell Farms whose original trees are 113 years old. We tasted, and saw the hand harvesting method, the drying and roasting and learned so many facts about the history of the growing of coffee and macadamia nuts which they also grow on the side of a 75 acrea mountain patch.

Lunch of papaya and fruit with breathtakng views, a second visit to a black beach where we filmed the turtles foraging.

We took a picture of the closed Volcanoe park and when instead down Hwy 130 which was consumed by a flow twenty years ago, we saw Lava Tree Park where trees were consumed by a surge of lava and cooled quickly enough to remain upright.

Then a long drive to see the last huge lava flow and observe a new black sand beach being formed. We are told they all have a short life before changing color with sea sand.

Home over the Saddle in the dark, 270 miles round trip.

Today is our last day which we will spend walking and swimmng in the Kona area. It was a joyful, relaxing, rewarding and memorable experience here on the youngest Island in the Hawaiian Chain.

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