Hawaii 2010

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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Opps, I must make time for my daily visit with you

Wiamea and north Hawaii are cowboy country with the history of Parker Ranch and hill country made me feel like I was in farming country in AZ, CA, or TX. An active busy town where we enjoyed a home caught and grown fish and salad lunch with great music.

Friday was a day of golf and renewed friendships with winter residents, a lovely dinner and preparation for two memorials on Saturday which kept me going from morning till mid afternoon.

An hour long trip to retrieve my cellphone from the counter at the golf course. O brain, where art thou?

Couple of hours to put together a slide show/sermon illustration/hymn story to share with my benefactors some of the highlights our of trip to the islands.

All the folks wore floral wear and leis today, very sweet and a fun day to be back in church.

My bible studies are beginning this week, much study and prep needed.

Teaching about creator/creation/creative/beauty/goodness/and the triumph of God's purpose in Scripture.

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