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Saturday, October 5, 2013

A Day to Cherish in memory Day 5 Dolphin day

Well, yesterday was amazing, We joined a newly wed couple from New York and two host guides on Kona Adventures to swim with dolphins, each day huge pods of 1hundred to 4 hundred travel up and down the coast, eating, enjoyed the trip before they stop and rest.

We traveled north as they searched for the pod, then got in the water as they passed, watching moms protect the kids and all them them frolic up and down as they go for air. Then we swim back to the boat and get ahead of them and do it again, four times.

Then we are treated to a reef dive next to a car inacessable beach, pristine and breathtaking where we observe small fish of every shape and color.

Back to the boat for a fabulous lunch and trip back to the dock. We are learning about dolphin behavior and life on the west side of the island from our very hawaiian driver and a cute and knowledgable swim leader who hails from Florida. It was the best outing we have ever enjoyed, and I got great underwater video.

Then we took a very challenging hike 20 miles south along a volcanic coastline, perilously trying to keep out balance and to walk over the natural arches created by the ocean. We knew there was a road out but could not remember how to find it and it was getting late when we found a solitary fisherman who helped us find the path. Almost three miles and 2 and a half hours of rock climbing fun. I was pround of us.

Then to the Royal Kona for drinks and dinner, some fabulous Calmari, and watching the Luau show from the pool area. We really are enjoying everything here and have a list of things we want to do on or last three days.

Laura is a snorkeling nut, going to have to get her some gear. Could not get her out of the water.

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