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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Waiting to pass

This semi private lagoon is shared by the Hale Kona Kai condos and the Royal Kona Resort and it quickly became a happy place for us. Protected by rocks yet refresh daily by tide and waves, we enjoyed the sandy bottom and the reef life with our goggles.

Most people are trying to postpone death and are overtaken by it, some people pray for it and it eludes them. Yesterday a dear friend whom I have visited weekly for the last six months finally left her emaciated flesh and found rest. From a physical perspective she remained on oxygen to give relief from chest pains, and drank Ensure for nutrients, and those may have kept her alive, but honestly, the length of her bedridden state was difficult to watch and give counsel through. Her answer finally came in the presence of her family and for that I am grateful.

My Office Assistant Genevieve is in her "happy place" this week with her daughter, San Diego.Everyone needs a happy place. As I go through the pictures I took in our happy place, the Hawaiian Island chain, I marvel at the feelings that can happen to place new places into sacred places. I have just completed a novel with theological intent called "Chasing Francis" which talked about the spirituality of place which is a long standing Catholic ideal with their shrines and historic chapels.

I sort of get it, more and more. And I understand why Jesus called heaven such a blessed place. My friend had a long, hard hospice, but their were signs that she had not been abandoned, for she never got bedsores or became unable to rest, and she was treated with dignity as best as the staff was able. Now our hope for a her new home is for her to experience and for me to postpone until I too am overtaken.

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