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Friday, November 1, 2013

The yearly non event is over

Random shot of a roadside monument to a teenager whose life ended on a lonely stretch of road in Hawaii. Rest in peace, Tony.

Halloween, as I have not observed it or participated in it one way or the other for several decades, is interesting. I admire those folks for whom it is an innocent celebration of costuming and candy.

I admire those folks and used to be one in which you fought the good fight yearly and worked your butt off to create an alternative like reformation day, still with costumes and candy, but not with the scary overtones of a spook celebration, and with reminders of how unsuperstitious we were...well, maybe admire is too strong a word, but we had some good times getting ready and carrying out these parties.

I reaffirm that my spirit does not do well with horror movies at all, can live without them, and have. Adventure and risk movies, yes, but supernatural and scary, no.

I am repulsed by the idea of lost souls or spirits wandering the world or stuck living in some abandoned hospital or child's bedroom, saw Poltergist, and it reaffirmed my belief that I should not be watching those type movies.

I distinctly remember when, as a holiday, it made me really sick and sad. We were living on a cul-de-sac, and tons of older kids who were dropped in the neighborhood because it was new and had lots of stops, were outrunning the cute little kids to grab your loot nd keep running to see how much of a candy stash they could accumulate. I am sure the candy companies loved that, but it made me sad to see the cuteness part be trashed by pimple faced pre teens. My doorbell rang so constantly that I could not leave the living room for three hours. yeech.

That was shortly before I moved to this gated senior community and all the clamor ended, and I almost made it through the evening without a thought, until I realized all the shows put reruns on because they knew the audience was out on the street.

My favorite candy is Reeses Cups, followed by Zero Candy Bars, and I thankfully have no bag of goodies tempting me to get sick today. And American moves on to the desecration of its next Holy Days.

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Anonymous said...

Many community organizations hosted trunk and treat. Families decorated trunks an passed outbreaks in the safety of parking lots. I had about two dozen little ones from the neighborhood and NO teens.We celebrate the Sunday after All Souls Day as a remembrance of those who have passed in the past year. I do not know if you heard that Glenn's brother passed away. Also prayers for Glenn. He was just laid off for he UofR after 27 years. There is a lot of stress for them.