Hawaii 2010

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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Back at Work, but changed by a wonderful time

This was the view from our second floor Condo on Alli Dr. one block from downtown Kona, and the Condo from the swimming lagoon that is shared with the Royal Kona Hotel next door, where we watched fish and enjoyed the ocean water surging through the rocks. And finally our breakfast buddies, who stopped by to say hello and ask for a handout each time we were on the balcony porch.

The trip back was fine, and amazing when you think of the distance and the time. We flew from San Francisco to Phoenix in less than 90 minutes. Four fourty five from Kona to San Fran.

We have adapted to the Hawaiian time zone which had us sleeping from 1 pm to 9 am AZ time, so I got four hours of sleep to get to the office at 8am this morning. Dragging a bit.

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