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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

An argument that never stops resurfacing

We saw several of these trees with amazing white root systems and thought for a moment that they had been painted. No, this is their color.

A couple of years ago I went to a large Pastor's Conference at Charles McArthurs Church in LA. It was well done, impressive, full of great teaching, and the success of his teaching and publishing ministry is phenonmenal, truly an example of an evangelical church with high standards and effective ministry.

This past weekend 4000 leaders gathered to revisit and reaffirm his long standing belief in total cessation of spiritual gifts, and what he firmly believes are the damaging excesses and theological foundations of the modern charismatic movement, which also happened to have been birthed in the Southern California area from Azuza Street to the Vineyard movement.

I have been in and out and around all types of charismatics most of my career and have good, bad, and questionable experiences in my love of worship music and my general openness to God's presence.

It is disturbing to hear that he has disenfranchised well over 500 million Christians around the globe and the most effective growing movement of the Christian faith. I am glad I was not there, and will watch with interest how this public event plays out even among many very close to RC Sproul and McArthur in theology, but who do not share those convictions.

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KC Bob said...

MacArthur has always been divisive. I remember hearing him blast Roman Catholics in the 90s. He really blasted Osteen when Joel filled Dodger stadium. Methinks he is a bit jealous of Joel's huge success.

As a one-time Charismatic, I was saddened to hear that Joni and Sproul joined his charismatic-bash-fest. John MacArthur sounds to me a bit like Saul before he became Paul.