Hawaii 2010

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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

How low can you go?

Rock walking is a risky joy, we saw some cats living in this beach area, along with a very untypical infestation of flys. Made it an rather unpopular picnic stop.

My amazing chiropractor Don has helped me through a number of pain and physical misalignment issues. Something happened on a hike in Hawaii that created what felt like an old ligament wound from college.

I asked him if he did knees, did his adjustment skill go that low, and his humorous reply made me smile.

He felt, moved, put his pressure clicker here and there, and said it was slightly hyperextended, and when I got up the pain was gone. I still feel the soreness from the weeks it was out of place, but the pain is gone, and I am so pleased to find this form of manipulation that uses no drastic body crunches.

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