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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Saturday Thoughts

This is an example of post production cutting through the haze in the water to show the beautiful spinner dolphins swimming.

My two grandchildren attended the same Elementary School where Laura is a teacher. It makes them halfway part of the staff. Yesterday I picked them up, and found Ben helping his third grade teacher decorate her room, and she had some dance music on and Ben was dancing up a storm, and I thought, I could not imagine this happening to me when I was a kid. We never really knew our teachers as people or relaxed around them.

The Memorial Service for Trudy was a Widows service. So many women lose there husbands early in retirement and build deep friendships with their fellow widows. I am moved by that fraternity. Although there are lots of them who find male companions and marriages as well in this community.

Our weather is delightful now, and all the golfers are trying to find places to play because all the course must close for three weeks to plant winter rye so it looks a green and heavenly. It is enormously expensive to buy, plant and water, and if we could break our need to see the green we could really play on the winter grass and let the dormant grass come back stronger. Just sayin, and my course in Ironwood is experimenting with a weed killing greening paint/fertizer on a couple of greens that will save 20,000 dollars a hole in maintentance each year. We will see how golfers respond.

All my vacation photos had to be cropped because the edges were dark. I used two filters, one for haze and one that twists to color the sky and sea a deeper blue. The wide angle actually picked up the edge of the outer filter. Pictures really do look better if you do a little improving on your photo software. I love having a record of a special week.

Speaking of vacations, have you ever noticed that after a vacation and a week to three back at work, you look at your spouse and say. "I need another vacation".

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