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Monday, October 14, 2013

Creation dogma, creation awe!

I have made a breakthrough in my walk with God. I came to a point where the fight over whose right and the quest for Bible knowledge ended, and for a while I was just resting and waiting to see where to go with that. Then some of my newer friends I am reading helped me see that as I age there are riches to be mined way deeper than knowledge, and they are called in scripture wisdom and understanding. It's the stuff of the second half of life for most folks.

So, this fall I am leading a brief overview of the Old and New Testament, not so we can gain more facts and knowledge, but so that we can gain wisdom and understanding. Last year a very close look at Romans, this year a long look at the whole of Scripture with a desire not to worship the book, but to learn about the God revealed in mystery.
The Iron Man is over with winners in every age and category. I remember when it was televised but this was a blog event this year, and my admiration for those who decide this is the sport for them has really grown, but I have a fear that this kind of massive endurance training does not make for optimal health, as many talked of real problems with joints and body frame, and others about the heart problems associated with sustained high output like it takes to do this sport. Still, it was fun being part of the hoopla.


KC Bob said...

I resonate with this Don. Literalism can strip all of the joy from bible reading.

Lynn Beck said...

I agree with this too. And I love the way your put this.

I also thoroughly enjoyed following you and Laura in Hawaii. Thanks for posting!