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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Polula Overlook almost did me in, Day Six in Hawaii

For months on my computer I have enjoyed a professional photo of this place. At the end of the far north road is an overlook of the wind battered mountains and a black sand beach filled with smooth boulders. We were told that tons and tons of water smoothed rocks were hauled from this place for houses and walls over the centuries.

One King organized a line of men to pass rocks to each other to move them 20 miles. Once you got in rhythm you did not pick up a rock if you dropped it, unless it hit your foot, says the book.

The hike down town 20 minutes of winding down a rocky steep path, and then we enjoyed the beach and the rocks, and on the hike back up, my age and heart condition began to show up seriously. Huffing and Panting and Resting, I thought I would never get up that trail.

We ate on our Favorite beach, Hapuna, where they charge out of towners to park while the Hawaiians park for free. We swam to ease my aches and pains, and headed home after a lovely drive and a challenging day.

Every day, everywhere the runners and bikers are training, their bikes are technilogical wonders and very expensive, but we still see blowout repairs being made. The turn around for the bike race is the town of Wapi, with the best homemade icecream we have ever enjoyed, now twice.

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