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Friday, October 18, 2013

Welcome Canon Elph 330hs and a favorite movie.

Its the next generation of the 300 series, slightly more hefty than the one that broke, and with a cute vacation feature that shoots a 2-4 second movie before it snaps a picture, giving you the feeling of a moving account of your travels. And of course, very good quality pics.

Speaking of Pics, occassionally a movie comes along that is filmed in just the right way, has two deserving characters who are very adorable, and a story that works in every way a good romance should, the lighting, the plot developement, the music, it just all makes for a movie that is fun to watch, very real, very human, patriotic and value filled. Warning for the sensitive, a very passionate love scene or two.

The movie, The Lucky One, with Zach Efron and Taylor Schilling. Good supporting cast including Blythe Danner, dogs and water in the bayous, and a light house, which we all need from time to time to show us the way home.

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