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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Tri Athletes Everywhere Day 3 Adventures

We watched the light of day as another boat harbored, and then went to the dockng area near the King Kamehama Hotel which serves as the home for the Iron Man Triathlon next week. They are hear by the thousands biking, swimmng the course which is several hundred yards from out condo, and biking all along the main Hwy on the west side of the island.

Our next stop was airport beach, which runs along the old airport and you literally park and drive on the runway, almost deserted and very rocky but we love it and Laura had a close encounter with a sea turtle.

Then we Lunched, and headed to another beach which was very crowed south of Kialua, not our cup of tea,We rested for our evening outing with Neptune Charles Manta Diving, and wow was it spectacular.
A 30 minute boat ride to a coastal area lined with 20 ft cliffs and about a dozen boats. You suit up and hold large surfboard which has lights when attrack plankton which attrach these huge winged beauties who proceed to swim among you and roll within inches as they feed. Laura has two of them stroke her body with theirs. I was struggling to keep water out of my mask and swallowed a too much salt water and lost my lunch, decidedly less romantice, and I was in the passion of the moment trying to take underrwater pictures as the camera decided to slow down until i missed the manta.

It was really fun, and we ended the night with a fish taco that was delicious.

Today, the north country.

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