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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Treatable problems

For the last month I have been dealing with an ache in my right leg that became very pronounced when I tried to sleep on my right side. It got so bad that I was dreaming about moving away from that pain while asleep. I thought maybe I am in the early stages of needing a hip replacement or some such thing and I struggled with it for over a month.

Yesterday I went to the chiropractor who helped me six months ago deal with a terrible shoulder muscle pull and I bragged about the type of therapy that uses the actuators as being far more effective than I ever imagined.

So, Doctor Don went through his diagnostic tests armed with my description, told me what was going on with my sacred illiac??? Just joking!!!!, went to work, showed me painfully where each nerve was firing pain.

Last night

I was remarkably better. Point today, before you suffer with long term pain, make sure it is not treatable. I feel silly for waiting so long to begin finding out what was causing the pain.

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