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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Ikea hiking

I try to avoid Ikea at all costs. I see hundreds of men following their wives out of love and obedience through that maze. I have been twice this week to purchase a gift for my son. There is a cruelty to the layout that perhaps shoppers delight in but me, I despise. You see, once you are in, you are in for the whole nine yards. I marked my paper, and asked for a shortcut to the gettin place, and even though I took the short cut I walked for fifteen more minutes.

Then I got to the furniture warehouse and had to back track to get the big cart, wrestle huge and heavy items onto the cart, wait in a huge line for almost half an hour to pay for it, and then wrestle it into my van without ever seeing a helpful employee. Its enough to turn you away from Scandinavian culture!!!!

They do make good and cheap stuff, which is why its always crowded and makes lots of money, but, as I said, men, avoid at all costs.

My first youth group graduating high school, Billy, back left is visiting Scottsdale next week with a convention and we will have a catch up visit.

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