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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013 in a mirror darkly, at the beginning of the year

When I first got my 35mm, I wasted some time experimenting with it back in the late 70s.

2013 is already aged a day. As I read of feasts and celebrations I tell you that we very rarely go out on New Years eve. New Years day saw Laura at the mall and me relaxing during the parade and not watching any football, just a few shows and lots of reading.

Our Heat Pump has apparently died of compressor failure, so we have some space heaters warming spaces while the house cools to the low 60s. Probably Monday before a replacement, but the days still warm up and we are fine.

I am finishing Hearts in Atlantis by Stephen King. I marvel as his ability to weave ideas and themes and events and ever objects and sayings into his creation of characters. The book is actually four different tales, and the first was made into a charming coming of age movie starring Anthony Hopkins, well worth renting.

The larger subject is what the war in Vietnam did to American youth coming of age in the 60s and how much it changes even todays world. I remember almost every day of college and graduate school my low draft number was a quiet motivation to stay in school, and the rebellion against authority was real in that of all the wars we have entered since, this one has the flimsiest connection to just war, and it really alienated a generation....my generation....where the cost of war and government largess may darken the retirement hopes of a huge mass of post WWII baby boomers....ie. me, talkin bout my generation.

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