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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Kangaroo and a Joey in my House


We love Disney movies, we watched our first BlueRay version over the weekend. Brave, with all the wavy red locks of hair.

Just bought my second TV for our home. We have never made it a habit to keep a TV in our bedroom but in recent years I have been longing to relax on the bad and catch the news and an occasional movie. And hopefully Laura will want to do her evening grading back there as well.

Been with Dish Network for a long time, the installation guy said he has not seen a outside dish that old in years. So, when I was asking how this all works with multiple feeds I was introduced to the new products named for Australian Kangaroos.

So I have a tiny hideable box for the wall mount TV and I am studying the best wall mount brackets and looking to hide all the power and cable cords behind the TV.

By the way, viewing my personal photos on a larger HD TV is a pleasure and makes my vacation photography look almost professional.

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