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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Back Yard Puddle

A real life bugler.

Oh, the rare days when rain and a lazy day meet. We enjoy our Saturday coffee with no schedule demands,and luxuriate in the sweetness of the fresh rain that turns our yard into a minipond until it can soak under the plastic that keeps weeds from our rock yard from germinating out of control.

The drive to the cemetery was fun, and our service was dignified by a real live bugle player from taps. There is a shortage of bugle players at memorial cemeteries and it was a pleasure to hear the real imperfect breathes rather than synthetic electronic bugling. I served as camp bugler one summer so I know how hard it is to hit those notes without a warmup. Revelie being much harder than taps, but both symbolic of life. Get up and go to work.....work is over, over home and rest....

We also enjoyed an evening of fun and games with a bunch of couples last evening, a great day. Let the rain continue, it will be good for our spring time flowers in a month.

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