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Monday, January 21, 2013

Respect the Office, pray for the man

We still look good.

I get a magazine given to all clergy called Liberty which rigorously reminds us that our nation has a true separation of church and state that has contributed to our liberty more than we realize.

Evangelicals like to think everything would be peach dory if we declared America to be a Christian nation, but I imagine the Roman Catholic implementation of that vision would be a great deal different that the Protestant one.

The diversity of our understanding of faith and obedience, the various cultural realities of our melting pot nation, would make any enforcment of one type of faith a disaster.

We can celebrate and affirm our Christian heritage and still maintain the seperation of church and state that has strengthened our country.

I also weary of the need for many conservatives to disrespect our currect President who was duly elected and reelected to the office. We sound like spoiled children pouting that we did not get our way.

We need to pray and participate and be civil for God's sake, civility is one of the most necessary virtues of a free society. No one agrees with all the stuff coming out of our leadership, but our constitutional government is still the greatest thing going.

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