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Monday, January 28, 2013

A time not to touch

Playing a party game with friends on Friday.

Occasionally during flu season I have a no hand shake day. Wrap a hanky around my hand and remind folks to be careful. Laura had nine kids out with flu on Friday and I felt vulnerable.

The third full day of rainy weather made it feel more wintery that ever around here.

An interesting concert at the Lutheran Church where pieces featuring organ and brass were presented from the rear Balcony and filled the room with incredible sound and beauty.

Our son Matt has been with us for a few months to recoup and recover from a tough year in the northeast. We enjoyed each other as both parents and friends. He has moved to his own apt. to continue his life and work. It was good.

Loving my new TV but noticing a rise and fall in light levels during dramas that does not seem to occur during commercials??? A mystery we are studying. It is no fun to watch a show brighten and darken intermittently.

Off to a new week.

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