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Thursday, January 10, 2013

The People's Choice

An image of a contented crawler exploring the textures of the back yard.

Standing on a stage, getting a beautiful piece of crystal, receiving thunderous applause and lots of money for what you do. It's called fame. And most of us would not mind terribly to be famous for a bit.

Nick Nolte recently stated that it was a curse for him in every way. The invasions of privacy, the strain and stress.

I am one of those Christians that do not despise culture. I understand it and agree that in its place entertainment plays a key role in our own lives, and can refresh us and divert us for a bit in a good way.

There is and always will be a cautionary tale in the story of fame, and some of those being adored will find great pain, shortened lives and even great sorrow for devoting themselves to the quest for center stage. I really do love many of those actors for loving their craft, and singers for their skill in setting our emotions of fire.

Enjoy the interests of current culture, don't get caught in the undertow. Hope that the worst parts that are dragging us down will die from being ignored.

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