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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Are we supposed to want to leave?

I serve Seniors, and we are nearing the end. And sometimes when I discuss prolonging life,
These two coggers helped me relearn golf in my first ministry. Bishop on the right died on the golf course.

one of my current hopes, I am reminded how much I should long for and be excited about leaving.....and I am not sure we have the right balance on that issue.

Being ready for the promised land does not in my thoughts to the Apostle Pauls eagerness to depart. I think this was the statement of a man who had already been told that his date with martyrdom was near.

I want to live another decade or so, just sayin. No disrepect to the Lord and His will.

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Anonymous said...

Your decade brings you even with where I am now. I am enjoying watching the transitions of my grandchildren approaching adulthood. Adam is so young but he is very much in love with Karlea and so eager to set up his own home. I think some of that comes from his own distance from his biological father. Alex, the same age as Adam is coping with grace, the condition of being the rare full scholarship student in a group of mostly wealthy children of privilage. Many have been in prep school in prepretation for the academic load of her school. Cait has decided that the school she was in didn't meet her needs and has transfered to a smaller college. I am hoping for another 20 years to participate in more weddings, to become a great grandmother and to further my own learning experiences. I also hope that you too will be there to see the wonderful changes in your world.