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Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Outlets at Anthem

This is 12 year old me and my sisters at the school in Troy Alabama where I had just begun to learn how to whistle dixie.

Yesterday began with the very good news that our heat pump was not broken, and had some more years to heat and cool the house, hopefully.

We decided to enjoy Laura's last weekday before heading back to the classroom by travelling to the northwest part of the valley to the Anthem outlet. My second visit, Laura's first.

We were surprised to be watching the deconstruction of the huge Christmas tree that landmarks the place each season. It is at least 150 ft tall and a living tree which was being delimbed and undecorated in a day long process involving a huge crane.

As Laura shopped and I walked and sat in the brisk January afternoon, comfortable outside but jacket weather,I was again thankful for the gift of life, the swirl of people, many were Oregon and Kansas State fans seeing the valley after their bowl game, and realizing that this mall provides a needed service for both its stores and the shoppers. Discounts.

The Coach outlet sells high end leather purses, bags and various similar items at greatly discounted prices. The salesman was telling me in the Mens Coach store that the two stores with the highest gross sales were in NYC and Cabazon Outlet outside Palm Springs were Laura purchased a handbag last summer. As I browsed the store, I saw one item that was calling my name. A slender manpurse designed for the kinds of things I carry with me when I am out, and at closeout price of over 60 percent off!!!

This is so much more functional than the electronics bag I bought from Staples, so I gave myself a present with Laura's approval. Pics to follow later.

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Anonymous said...

i was a freshman in college home for summer break.
I never got to spend a Christmas there. but did spend 3 summers.love judy