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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Some thoughts

Christmas past.

I want our economy to grow and for people to make money in stock mutual funds. I am close enough to the end of my earning days to have moved our savings to indexed bond funds with principal and guaranteed returns. With all the up and down focus on the market and profitability I must still remind folks that last years 7 percent gains in the market were all in the first quarter, and when I left the market on April 17th it was 13,200, not much different than it was this week. Like most of you, I hope our government stops spending money it must borrow, but I sadly see no present moves in that direction. Taxes are going up, when it comes to money no pocket is too small to take more.

We enjoyed the cute movie, Roadtrip, because of the message of connection between lonely mother and lonely son. It takes a bit of stamina to stare at Barbra Streisand from a foot away for two hours, and her Jewish mother routine is as usual hilarious.
She can act as well as sing.

We burn those artificial logs in our fireplace for beauty and a tiny bit of warmth, and last week

we I tried Lowes envirologs, not even place out front, I had to go way back in the garden section to find them. They are paper, and leave fine weightless ash, burn hot and clean and are cheaper than duraflame. Give them a try.

Ate some Claxton fruitcake last evening, hats off to a classic southern product.

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