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Sunday, May 27, 2012

We are enjoying the long weekend and having Shannon and Ben over. Ben has a seven iron now and he was launching them at the practice area yesterday.

Jason Duffer, uhh, I mean Dufner. Boy were we wrong. A year ago he let a win in a major slip away over the last three holes, but we all felt that this stone faced southerner somehow did not belong in that company. He was just a journeyman type of player who may or may not ever win.

We have found out that this stoic golfer has got game, and deserves respect, and sits atop the money list. Some would say his great month of golfing may be forever changed by wedding vows he made. Nothing like a good woman to settle a man down to business. Whether he wins or loses today, he is fun to watch.

I have not forgotten the reason for this holiday.

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