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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A 90 year old beauty

I visited the home of a piano teacher to see her husband, and sat on the bench of a 90 year old Steinway grand piano. It still sounds beautiful and the open top revealed the technology that began to set the brand apart.

My friend indicated it badly needed some refurbishing but it still provided a place for another generation of young pianists to practice when they came to her house. Her son is a physician now but she told me he loves to play the piano his mom taught him from so many decades ago. I thought the whole thing was very cool.

Another friend shared a video of a recent Letterman where three brothers, 14, 12 and 9 played bluegrass. The Banjo player was so small he looked like he was holding a huge instrument, but when he played, he brought back generations of sound from our appalachian mountain heritage, where the fiddle, guitar, and bango got people through the hard life of making a way in our young country. Sleepy Man Band I think was their name.

Almost every night I listen to music when I retire to mask the raging tinnitus in my head, and on many occasions my sleep state is affected by the mostly instrumental music I choose, my dreams are literally intertwined with the melody. After an hour or so, I wake and know its time to turn them off and return to sleep.

Like the last line of a charming movie named August Rush, in which an orphan with musical talent is reunited with his musical parents.....There is music everywhere, you only have to listen.

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