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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Paul is not a curmugeon

My wife enjoying a Maui sunrise. She is a wife and mom of excellence.

I attempted to shed some light on Paul's silence passages this morning and place them in context and cultural situation.  It helps to bring his statements into line with dynamics occurring in the first century church and city and not making those propositions become laws for all time. Great work being done by many in understanding the things Paul was protecting and modeling. The church of my youth went overboard to try to enforce these things through strongly taught traditions.

Things are changing for the good and we are seeing Paul's wisdom and new covenant mindset that would ultimately allow women to develop and lead the world as a example of Godliness and industry. Mom's rule.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for confronting some tough scripture and adding the cultural influences. Now if kids just listened to their Moms! :). Eden