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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bring on the Heat

Most birds just do not have to work that hard to attract a mate, but this guy attracts onlookers who marvel at creations variety and amazing beauty.

That range between 100 and 110 is when heat gets oppressive. Yesterday I golfed with almost no one else on the course and we zipped through, my favorite kind of golf experience, flitting from shade to shade and moving quickly. Lots of fun.

Laura exulted in the reality that another year has passed and no children are waiting her today as she cleans her room and packs things away for the summer. Only six weeks off, we need to made them restful, joyful and special.

Once afternoon, in the eight grade, I had a strange moment of exhilaration when being picked up by mom after school, an illumination in the early summer just as school was letting out that life was beautiful. June brings that out in me from time to time.

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Anonymous said...

We are experiencing some rain and it is a little chilly. but it is early summer and the grass and trees are a rich green. On cool mornings I like to bake in the morning as it takes the damp out of the house. I spent the weekend as a laity delegate to the Upper NYS Methodist Conference and driving back from Syracuse through the Adirondack Mts on Saturday was beautiful. I can't imagine temps over 100 but we have been enjoying sunny days in the 70's and 80's. We are reparing walls and painting the sancatury of our 100+ years church so have been sharing services in our sister church which is even older. The pews are so narrow clearly designed for smaller people. Yesterday we met in the church hall and the local Praise band played. We saw a large group of bikers sitting on the lawn enjoying the music. I am glad you enjoy the heat. Would like to hear more on your juicing experience. Love Judy