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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Facebook tribute

The Koi Pond at The Point at Poipu Kauai, where we have enjoyed the island and hated the investment.

Well, I never bought Microsoft or Apple stock, both of which would have been nice, but I am not going to buy facebook stock either. The thing could be profitable, or it could dissappear in a week with some better thing or by making one too many stupid changes. No thanks.

What I do like is the opportunity to use the tool to thank someone from the past for their contribution to your life. I did that today for Mrs. B, my college and seminary speech teacher.

Saw an hour long documentary on the beauty of Washington State and the Seattle area and it was so good, but not one shot of a rainy or overcast day.  Was that false advertising? Thanks Eden.

Wow, the lawsuit against my timeshare made national news today and raised the issue of the ethics of the time share industry. The Point at Poipu was pictured in USA today.  I got my letter from them this week threatening to sue me for not paying what they asked. I sat down and counted how much my days of vacation cost me when I was told I was purchasing future inflation free vacations. Over $800 a night. Very interested to see how this thing will play out.

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