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Monday, May 28, 2012

Farewell Ben

A large crowd of family, friends, and neighbors gathered to say goodbye to Ben M on Saturday. Ben was one of those unique personalities who had no enemies and had a way of making those around him feel special and valued.

He fought for over a month the organ failures that finally took his life. He and his wife were so life focused that coming to the point of hopelessness was very difficult for them to accept.  My task is to remind people in those heartbreaking moments that hope is ahead, past the grief and pain.

An army sharpshooter, a mason, a master carpenter, a dog lover, a family man, like all of us he desired to stay. It has always been beyond our realm of understanding as to the time when we leave this world. Acceptance and a gathering such as we had help us down the road to gratitude that we shared life with a fine man.

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Anonymous said...

A beautiful tribute beautifully written--Eden