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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Stayin Alive

Shave Ice and Banana Bread on the Road to Hanna, now that was a moment of sheer joy.

The death of Robin Gibb reminds me of those Bee Gee lyrics, Oh oh oh oh, Stayin Alive, Stayin Alive. This has been a rough week of being with people whose loved ones are dying. When you live at that inbetween place where the body no longer supports the life you so desire to keep, you find yourself facing the ultimate questions of life over and over again.

It is my contention that being reminded of our mortality is a good thing, and preparing for the inevitable departure from this world is not morbid unless carried to extremes. I was reminded this week of viewing the Dutch masters paintings, where those original Calvinists would place symbols of death like a skull in their paintings of life and prosperity to remind themselves of the illusion that you can keep it all.

My friend who urged me to get a colon exam still died this week of other causes, the cancer did not claim him but pneumonia did. I return to work this morning knowing that I have a healthy digestive tract but still live with the insecurity of heart disease.

The only hope for me is to live very closely tied to the doctrine of my union with Christ in His death and resurrection, and the promise that like the Bee Gees, I cannot stay alive forever, but I can live again through the faith and work of Christ.   Thusly can today be a joyful and life filled day.

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