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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tuesday the week is already in gear and I am not

I kept trying to catch this toddler coming at me but he kept toddling to quickly back and forth. He was clearly in his own little world and enjoying himself immensely.

Too many thoughts playing billiards in my head to focus on one this morning. Took yesterday morning off to play a round of golf with soon departing friends and today I already feel like I am playing catch up. This is why I stopped the traditional Pastor's Monday day off decades ago.

Wishing April had lasted longer, everything was so fresh, breezy and springlike.

Should teachers say, "the bible says" when offering interpretations of theology? Probably not. When reading scripture publicly of course we are reading what the Bible says, but when we tell people how that verse fits in this or that view we should be honest and say that this is what has been taught or what I believe it means.

Listening to a prophecy teacher of long decades of teaching show how he finally saw America in Daniels prophecy and now as the final countdown to the end of the age is interpretation, resting on theological views and expanding upon them, and confirming them by reading news articles.

Discovering from talking to seniors in the hospital that more and more treatments and drugs are not being paid for by medicare and personal costs are rising, like most of us expected.

Made a new friend of present friends who is a cancer survivor living on "gift" time, longer than doctors expected. Makes you appreciate each day.

Encountered the term "angel investor", individuals lending money to business start ups that have a helpful effect on the world and meet needs. Nice idea.

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