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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Pushing the wrong button

In this snap I show the results of trying to get the sand off my feet after a walk on the beach and push the wrong button of the shower, and thus become stained.

I have a problem. I do not believe Jesus wants us to fight culture wars. I do not believe all the efforts to reclaim America and establish the moral majority are working. I have the same desires as those who are putting all their efforts into these avenues, I just think they will not work the way they hope because they are so different than the way Christ and the new covenant approached the issues.

We are trying to separate ourselves and posture our superiority morally, when Jesus moved to identify with the weakness of others and show them compassion and power to change from the inside out. It is this whole inside out thing that I think we have missed the boat on.

There are many more capable of me who are warning of the problems with the failed strategy of the moral majority type thinking, and many younger believers are taking a different path which attempts to restore civility to our public discussion of our differences, a conversation and dialogue rather than a clash.

I fully expect the battle to intensify until the presidential election, and the words on both sides to continue to deepen the divide and further the spiritual effects of the clash of cultures. The way of Jesus is a third way, and I am holding on to hope that this quiet revolution with prevail over the rancor we see in the public square.

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Kansas Bob said...

I so agree Don. People in the middle gets things done. Folks on the extreme right and left are truly useless.