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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Finding streams in the desert

I am always amazed when my life of study enjoys a serendipity, an unexpected find.  While looking somewhere for this, I find that, or am led to just the idea I desire to pursue. I feel like a detective of ideas and truths who has an unseen Helper showing me the way.

I have been trying to demonstrate that eternal life is not something that begins after death, but that the Bible speaks of that quality of age enduring life begin as we walk with the King indwelling us in this life,...and out comes a free E book that some website mentioned that I knew nothing about, which really develops the concept, and I am  blessed by the free offering of this man's heart and study.

I am pretty sure this continuous dialogue between my mind and heart and the minds and hearts of others, and the Mind and Heart of the One who does not dwell in temples built with human hands, is part of the essence of aionian life, life that endures the ages.

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